Chapter 1. Planetary transition

Chapter 2. Objectives of this Gospel

Chapter 3. The Path that each have in front Chapter 4. '... Whosoever will save his soul, shall lose it; and whoever loses his soul ... will save it' Chapter 5. Devil Chapter 6. A new family, the relationship between a man and a woman
Chapter 7. Education, as the goal of the perfect personality Chapter 8. Two major transitions: birth and death Chapter 9. Religion Chapter 10. Faith and science Chapter 11. Authority and management of a planet Chapter 12. Planetary transition and Patrol


Chapter 2. Objectives of this Gospel.

1 This gospel is intended to be a guiding light to the people on this period of 1000 years.

2 Many centuries you've constantly received guidelines given to you. Who have had ears, he listened. Who knew how to listen, he heard. But the Word was never written directly. Therefore much distortion occurred in the transfer of the Word. The Word was spoken in the Spirit, and after it was transmitted to the human language. It has been always this way. One of the first Words, which were transmitted to you - "Chapters of the ascent to the Light", now you're talking about him as the "Egyptian Book of the Dead."

3 Therefore, "many called, but few are chosen" - few of you were ready for this transition.

4 All words from the messengers, who came to you, were distorted; therefore there is not much truth in your religion. Each of them carried the Word. Out of each word you have made a religion. In every religion remains only a grain of truth from the first words.

5 Each of them came to his people in a specified hour, or was specified for intended level of the development of this nation. Each of them carried a word, intended to this nation in the designated hour of Way of the people. Having made of the Word religion, you have smeared it on all people, on all times, having lost an essence and the main sense. You consistently distort the Word, if you convey the Word by word of mouth.

6 Every Word, that Envoy had brought, carried a full picture of the world and illuminates the way, which you had to go through in that hour, when the word was spoken, and for those people, for whom the word was pronounced. Each word provides a mechanism, which helps people, who get that Word, to prepare them to the planetary transition.

7 Each word was said only for a specific people at the specific time, every Word has its own mechanism, each Word defines his own way, but the goal of each Word was one: to prepare people for this planetary transition.

8 Misquoted the Word, you have lost the mechanism and the Way. You've wasted the time, allotted to you, to prepare for this evolutionary exam. You have only the parts of truth contained in your religions today, in which you have turned their words. But these particles are still working, and you must be able to recognize them. And today, the world needs a new Gospel, which shall bring orderliness into the chaos and will recreate a complete picture of the true evolution of the planet today.

9 The purpose of this gospel - to bring together these disparate pieces of a united mechanism today, and write it, to avoid the distortion afterwards. Today, the mechanism is the same for all nations, because the world is approaching the threshold, where the difference between the nations will be erased, and only one nation of earthlings will live on the planet. Only such a people are of value for the planet and for the evolution of consciousness in general

10 Do not be surprised, that some elements of the religions, which you will see here, will be woven together, - these are the pieces of truth, which are remained in each of them. Do not be surprised to learn, that for the first time of all civilizations, the Word will be written: a series of distortions led to a crisis in the consciousness of your civilization. As once, the Word was written in "Heads of the ascent to the Light", today it's will be written in the Gospel of a Planetary Transition. As once, it had a global goal - to prepare people for this event, today it carries the same goal: everyone, who is searching for his own development, will find here the milestones in his path. Everyone will be able to pass this exam of evolution.

11 As once, a written Word was signed by its originator, and it was Tot, and today, its author, subscribes to them, taking a full responsibility and trying to minimize the attempts to distort the Words in the future. He signs with his name, known on Earth as, Alexei Yakovtsev -.

12 However, here - it's only the name of someone, who has recorded the Words, but the authorship does not belong to me. I am the one, who is responsible for ensuring, that the Word was recorded accurately and without distortion.

13 More than once in my incarnation, people have tried to distort the Word, going forth from my mouth. More than once under this Word they try to stage other names, repeatedly they've try to blacken my name itself, but there is no another way to fix the truth today, and I hope, that- once was said, it will appear:

14 "Let him, who thirsts - come, and whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely. I testify to everyone, who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to them plagues, that are written in this book, and if anyone takes away from words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away from them their part in the book of life and in the holy city, and everything what is written in this book." Amen.

15 However, I want to warn you about the attacks, which were committed on my name. So fanatical adherents of the Christian faith say and will continue to say, that Christ told, that false prophets shall come, and I am one of these. But Christ has also told to his people:"by their fruits ye shall know them". Then let them say - it was a non-Christian - when I worked for free at a shelter for the homeless and helped drug addicts, 300-500 people a day?

16 Adherents of Judah will remember the words of the prophet Jeremiah: "I, the Lord, search the heart; I try the reins, to give even to every man, according to his ways and according to the fruit of his doings." And then let them say, that Lord was against me, when I worked in cancer or tuberculosis hospitals, helping those, who are lying in them, for free?

17 Adherents of Islam will tell, that I'm wrongly interpreted the Koran, or I do not understand it, perhaps forgetting, that the modern version of the Koran - was written and is assembled in a compilation of his various lists, when the original is lost forever. But let them try to say, that it is not pleasing to the God what I did, when I voluntarily gave away all mine possessions in order to hear better His Words?

18 I am the Scribe, the clerk of God, and with all that you will not like in this Gospel - please contact Him. Only He can blame or punish me for the distorting of His Word.

19 I also want to preface all the attacks that will be undertaken to the Gospel itself. I know this, because these cases have already occurred, and more than once I have had to deal with them. And they certainly will still happen, because this gospel takes away strength from those religious canons and those religions, from which were collected the particles of Truth.

20 But all these attacks are unimportant, because this Gospel is compiled not for the hitters. It is written for the future generations, which will pass the examination on a planet. Only after 40-50 years, you, people, will accept it and also will start to use it in that quality, in what it is written now: in the form of the guiding star. And until then, many of you will be not satisfied with this Gospel.

21 There will always be the disgruntled people, because the new energies are entering into the planet today. How the skin of an orange will be removed, so those energies will peel you of all superficial, revealing a grain of truth in each of you, opening a pearl of your soul, which languishes in a clam shell.

22 And I do not know, what will happen after December of 2012 year, whether there will be electricity in your civilization, or the chaos and ignorance again will be established among people. But, wishing to anticipate to all possible versions, in parallel with the electronic version of the Gospel, I create a control copy on a paper - the firm carrier, which is called up to pass the Truth further, to those, who will enter into an examination class.

23 I write a united set, consisting of this Gospel, of the three volumes of the Energetical Physiology of a Human, and from the book 'On the Kalinove Bridge'. Without each of these parts, the picture of the world and planetary transition, and the Path, that everyone can go through to get to the next dimension, will be not complete.

24 The Gospel gives an overall picture and the direction of the Path, it explains, what is happening on Earth, and what people need to make. Energetical Physiology of a Human - is a new science, which will provide the basis for understanding of the processes. It also will slightly open a veil to enable you to peep what will be there, behind the transition, on the first steps in that space. A book, a trilogy - On Kalinove Bridge" - is a description of how I have self passed this way.

25 I have passed the entire path, and the description of this will be an example to you, what you should be aware, which is not necessary to admit , what mistakes you should avoid, and on what it is necessary to pay attention on the Path. This book will show you, how achievable this all is, what is said in this Gospel and in the three-volume Energetical Physiology of Human. Because I have passed the entire Path: from individual consciousness, through reunion with the Soul, through the creation of a new consciousness, which then passes all stages up to the level of planetary evolution: namely it is this Consciousness, who have worked in the virtual Government of a planet as minister and was the Adviser in the spiritual Government of the Europe.

26 The entire Path is passed completely, and this is the reality. And again is my consciousness descended into this world, into your physical level, to transfer this experience and show you, here this Path: it is open, and it is necessary to pass, in order to continue the evolution together with the planet...


Chapter 1. Planetary transition Chapter 2. Objectives of this Gospel Chapter 3. The Path that each have in front Chapter 4. '... Whosoever will save his soul, shall lose it; and whoever loses his soul ... will save it' Chapter 5. Devil Chapter 6. A new family, the relationship between a man and a woman
Chapter 7. Education, as the goal of the perfect personality Chapter 8. Two major transitions: birth and death Chapter 9. Religion Chapter 10.Faith and science Chapter 11. Authority and management of a planet Chapter 12. Planetary transition and Patrol


It is necessary to work spiritually, persistently and purposefully to bring your feasible contribution in planetary Evolution. But already that you will consider for necessary to distribute this Gospel, and especially, - to follow it and will engage in it with persistence and inspiration, - it will change your life for ever...